When it comes to wedding events, every few wants to make certain which the day is exactly how they want it to be. However , some couples are more classic than others and enjoy adding regions of their customs into their commemoration. Here are some of the most prevalent Spanish wedding customs:

It is just a common traditions pertaining to the groom to present his bride with 13 gold coins known as arras (unity coins). These are usually succumbed an lavish box and are also believed to take prosperity, fortune and blessings to the couple. The coins are typically taken by a youthful girl who have acts as the flower female for the occasion.

Many brides tend to wear a mantilla. This really is a short ribbons veil that covers the top and shoulders and is also usually secure by a hair brush. It is a well-known choice just for Catholic brides to be and is usually worn over a white or ivory dress up. One of the more contemporary brides to include this in to her special day was Princess Letizia who also wore a lovely mantilla more than her exquisite lace apparel for her marriage to Master Felipe VI in 2004.

A further common ceremony aspect is the engagement ring exchange. The couple will often give the other person their bands on the left hand, as opposed to the right, which symbolizes their commitment to each other. https://www.ahrq.gov/talkingquality/resources/design/general-tips/index.html The groom will then place the bride’s ring on his finger and hers in his, a symbol of oneness.

Is a major focus at Spanish weddings, it is therefore not uncommon with respect to the bridegroom and bride to choose padrinos (godparents) https://www.broomstickwed.com/es/ that be involved in their wedding ceremony. Usually, these are close family members or friends who will be presently there to support the couple throughout their particular marriage. The padrinos are a great substitute for the bridesmaids and groomsmen and often carry out a command role in planning the ceremony and wedding reception.

Through the wedding reception, it is customary to get the groom’s friends to slice off items of his wrap and sell them to guests to get a small monetary gift. This is done to help the few pay for their very own marriage ceremony, which can be quite expensive for a 75 person event.


It is also normal for the bride to throw her bouquet with her single good friends after dessert has been served. These girls will dance with the bride and if they shed their corsage, it is believed that they are following in line for being married! This traditions is known as la seguidilla manchegas which is a lot of fun.